chalice candle
chalice candle

Fulwood Old Chapel

8a Whiteley Lane, Sheffield S10 4GL

Fulwood Old Chapel

Services are held

each Sunday

at 11am

We are Unitarians

Despite our differences

wouldn't it be good

if we could live happily together?

By Listening we learn. 

By Reasoning we understand. 

By being Tolerant

we get to know each other

Homely and friendly, the chapel is a haven for those who are trying to find their own spiritual path.

It once used to be a meeting place for Dissenters protesting that they didn't want to be told in what way they should worship.

Where we are

Set in the Mayfield Valley and close to the Peak District, Fulwood Old Chapel is just four miles from Sheffield Centre, to the south west of the city and only a few minutes away from Fulwood shops. It is opposite the top entrance to the park at Forge Dam and the setting is perfect for small special occasions, especially weddings.

Click here for more details

on personlised ceremonies

whether you are Unitarian or not

we are here for you

through your life